Rocket League

Soccer, but in rocket-powered cars. Rocket League pits two teams of up to four players against each other as they attempt to pass, shoot and maneuver the ball into the enemy’s net. Players shoot around the field at turbo-speeds, blow their enemies out of existence and pull of insane aerial trickshots, but it is goals that win games in this sport.

Rocket League is already an established video game, with more than one million active players each day, and its esports scene is showing plenty of promise. It isn’t quite up their with top tier esports yet, but a scene is certainly emerging from this easy-to-play title. Competitions like RLCS and the ELEAGUE Cup offer the title’s emerging stars a shot at increasingly large prize pools.

Rocket League is available to purchase here. Or, if you’re already know your Hoops from your Rumble, get struck in to some quality Rocket League esports news, opinions, videos and more below:

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